Lost participants are unavoidable and present a fiduciary liability for plan sponsors. But even with the most conscientious record keeping, participants still go missing. Don’t let them fall through the cracks when finding them can be so simple with our participant address location services. Locate missing participants, today.

Plan sponsors need to be prudent and pay reasonable fees for services. We believe the best approach to locate missing participants will be determined by the reason for the search. PBI offers an entire suite of services from compliance-based solutions to instant online searches.

See how Cate determines the best solution to locate missing participants and ensure her pension plan is meeting its fiduciary responsibilities.


Correct and up-to-date data is critical to a plan’s ability to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. Communicating important information to participants or beneficiaries and ensuring pension payments will only go to those entitled are important responsibilities. Unfortunately, the administrative challenges of participant data can be a nuisance. At times it’s overlooked with the myriad of other plan administrative priorities. Let PBI help you tackle these administrative challenges, so you can focus on more pressing fiduciary and compliance tasks.


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