PBI understands the problems facing Third Party Administrators. You want to grow your market share and face a myriad of hurdles in the process. One of those challenges is participant data quality. PBI has the participant data solutions to elevate your position as a compliance-based leader in plan administration and our platform delivers resources specifically designed for TPAs and their clients.

Participant Data Integrity & Accuracy is critical to your clients’ ability to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. Of course, your clients always provide clean participant data, RIGHT? Well sometimes, but unfortunately, outdated and inaccurate data is a common problem that doesn’t improve with age.

PBI can quickly identify data quality concerns in just a few hours. Be proactive and let PBI clean up participant data at the onset of your engagement. PBI will provide preliminary results at no charge, and position you with tools you need to resolve missing and/or wrong participant data and identify deaths to minimize over-payments.

No SSNs, address information, or names? No problem! We can clean the information up and provide an auditable trail to demonstrate compliance for your clients.

PBI’s unique platform can serve all your client requirements as a TPA, and allow access to our web-based resources for your larger plan sponsors preferring to be “hands on.” We can work directly with you or your client, it’s up to you!


  • Uncashed Checks
  • Terminating Plan
  • Bulk Lump Sums
  • 70 ½ distributions
  • Returned 1099’s
  • Identify Deaths

PBI Works With

Communicating important information to participants and/or beneficiaries to ensure pension payments only go to those entitled are significant responsibilities. Unfortunately, the administrative challenges of participant data can be a nuisance. At times these get overlooked with the multitude of other priorities in plan administration. PBI simplifies the administrative challenges of participant data so you can focus on more pressing administration and compliance requirements.

Our goal for TPAs is simple. Take a time-out from participant data quality concerns, and turn them over to the experts at PBI! We’ll use our state-of-the art software, processes, and superior data sources to clean up participant data quickly and efficiently.

Looking for more than a data provider?

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