PBI provides a full range of services to clean up missing and/or wrong data in your population file. System conversions, changes in record-keepers and data entry errors can leave you with incomplete and/or wrong data which pose serious compliance risks. Our data cleansing services will demonstrate due diligence, minimize the cost of returned mail, and allow funding liabilities to be accurately forecasted. We deliver the services you need to keep your records clean and up-to-date to ensure you are meeting your compliance objectives.


  • SSN Retrieval
  • DOB Retrieval
  • SSN Verification
  • Name Retrieval
  • Gender Retrieval
  • Phone Number Retrieval

Death Certificate Services:

Obtaining Death Certificates is a time-consuming task. PBI is closely acquainted with the various procedures of the 60-plus government entities that collect and maintain death certificates. Our files are constantly updated with fees for each state, request formats, special legal requirements, and mailing specifications. We are also familiar with all state restrictions and exemptions. All of this information allows us to get results for you quickly and more efficiently!

Advantages of Obtaining a Death Certificate:

  • Proof of death for deceased pensioners, annuitants, account holders, etc.
  • Removing individuals from the “5500 form” and the associated PBGC premiums
  • Closing out pension files of former employees
  • Determining pension eligibility for survivors

The leader in Participant Research Services for over 34 years. Let our experts help you meet your fiduciary responsibilities and compliance efforts. Our consultative approach will develop the solution you need.


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